The Best In Erotic Massage For Women 

Erotic Massage For Women Gold Coast Brisbane

Erotic Sensual Massage For Women Gold Coast and Brisbane

Wanted!!! Ladies From The Gold Coast and Brisbane Looking For Pure Ecstasy and Bliss!!!

Are you searching for the ultimate sensual experience?
Sick and tired of feeling unsatisfied?
Already satisfied but still want some more?
Looking for something a little edgy to wake you up?
Want to finally feel that full body release and the aftermath of bliss lasting for weeks everyone is talking about?

I offer a very tantalizing experience, made to heighten your senses and bring to a place of pure ecstasy and bliss. Servicing the Gold Coast, Northern Rivers (NSW) and Brisbane

I am very experienced in all things tantra, taoist, erotic and sensual. I provide a service with my magic hands that will enable you to experience real pleasure form the tips of your toes to your head. Imagine sensations rolling like a wave through your body like endless pleasure until you are at the point of exploding, then I bring you back and we go for the same ride again and again until…well you know!

If you are feeling a little flat and want to feel that spark again or maybe you are ripe and just want to enjoy more, feel free to contact me.

I have been practicing and delivering this service to happy ladies all over Australia for the last 10 years so I am very experienced. I am friendly and very easy on the eyes (so they all tell me). A genuine man offering a very discreet service and I guarantee the result will be heaven for you.

Come and see what all the fuss is about and take some time out from your daily routine and come and visit me today, I promise you, you will absolutely love it.

To book in or find out more please send me a message now….click here

Heard about this tantra stuff, how amazing it is and how incredibly good it is for you and your sex life?

I have been practising and healing with tantra and taoist sex modalities for many years.

Ladies have said that I have a way about me that is commanding, yet gentle at the same time.

Take your bliss seriously, take part and learn about your partner and or your body today. You will love the depth of experience you can achieve. Try it now!

If this strikes you as the kind of experience you have been looking for contact me by clicking here. Servicing the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Northern Rivers (NSW), Brisbane.

Tantra, Taoist and Sensual Erotic Massage For Women Gold Coast and Brisbane.